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Benefit FAQs

How do I know when my tuition has been paid?

Online account access lets you track prepaid tuition benefit use. Visit the Benefits section when you log in to see if College Illinois! has received a tuition bill from your school and when tuition payments are made. If no tuition bill has been sent to College Illinois!, please contact your school’s billing office to confirm the tuition bill will be sent.

Do I report prepaid tuition on the FAFSA?

College Illinois! prepaid tuition must be reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if the contract is owned by your parent(s) whose assets are reported on the FAFSA. Parents should report the refund value of all prepaid tuition plans they own for all dependent children. If someone other than your parent(s), such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle owns the College Illinois! contract, it does not need to be reported on the FAFSA. The College Illinois! annual statement available to the account owner each year in January shows the amount that should be reported on the FAFSA.  The FAFSA value also is available in the Benefits section when you access the account online.

What happens if I get a scholarship?

If you receive a scholarship for your tuition and mandatory fees, your prepaid tuition plan can be used to cover any tuition and mandatory fees not paid by the scholarship. Then, the account owner can request a scholarship refund each term for the amount paid by the scholarship by submitting the Scholarship Refund Form.  Other options include holding the account for future use or changing the account beneficiary to a member of your family. Learn more on page 9 of the Handbook

Can I use prepaid tuition if I study abroad?

If you study abroad and your tuition bill is generated by an eligible school located in the United States, College Illinois! can pay tuition benefits directly to that school. The amount paid will be equal to the undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees charged to a student attending class on campus.  No fees associated with the study abroad program will be covered. Learn more on page 11 of the Handbook.

Can I use prepaid tuition for summer school?

Yes, College Illinois! prepaid tuition may be used for summer school or special sessions.  Learn more on page 10 of the Handbook.