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Using your prepaid tuition plan is easy.  Here’s how to get started:

  • Make sure your account information (mailing address, email, student SSN) is up-to-date and the prepaid tuition plan is paid in full.
  • Confirm your school is an eligible institution.
  • Verify your College Illinois! plan type to determine which type of prepaid tuition plan you have available to use.
  • Notify your school’s billing office if you are attending an Illinois public university or community college. Each semester advise them of your intent to use your prepaid benefits.
  • Notify the College Illinois! Program if you are attending a private institution or a college or university located outside Illinois.

Schools send College Illinois! an itemized bill for tuition and fees after each semester begins.  College Illinois! payments to schools typically take 30-45 days to process after the schools submit a tuition bill.

Learn more in the Student Handbook