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Contract pricing reduced for 2014-2015 Enrollment now open Nov.18, 2014 thru Apr. 30, 2015


A College Illinois! 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan helps to freeze the cost of college by allowing Illinois families to prepay for future tuition at today's current contract price. Purchase a contract today so you can enjoy each moment with your child, knowing that you've taken care of their college tuition.

529 PLAN

Start by using a range of helpful tools to find a plan and payment option that makes sense for your family. Explore the following tools:


Select your payment option

Once you’ve selected a plan, you can decide to make monthly, yearly or lump-sum payments. Each option is offered at a new, reduced price.


    Enroll now

    College Illinois! is committed to making college happen for Illinois families in the simplest way possible. Enrolling in your College Illinois! Plan is easy. Here are a few documents to get you started:

    Enroll Now


    Check out the calendar below to see where the College Illinois! Team is hosting information sessions and events during this enrollment season. Share event details with a friend or family member on Facebook or Google+.

    2/28/15 Stop by our table from 10:30am-2:30pm to learn how College Illinois! can help freeze the cost of college and for a chance to win four White Sox tickets! Baby and Preschool Fair, 11960 S. Pulaski, Alsip Public Library, Alsip, IL

    See Future Events

    Find the right 529 plan for you

    Use the College Illinois! Plan Finder to determine the prepaid tuition plan option that's best for you. Estimate tuition costs and savings so you can feel confident in your purchase.

    Indicate which plan, the age of your child and the number of semesters you wish to purchase. One semester is equivalent to 15 credit hours, eight semesters (4 years) is equivalent to 120 credit hours. A maximum of 9 semesters may be purchased for any one Beneficiary.

    Once you've found the right plan, you can email the Plan Finder results to yourself or share them with a friend or family member.



    *Combination 4+4 Plan - includes 4 Community College semesters and 4 University semesters. 4+4 Plus Plan - includes 4 Community College semesters and 4 University+ semesters. See presentation in Disclosure Statement and Master Agreement - page 33.



    Read more about the positive experiences people have enjoyed while participating in the College Illinois! Program. Enroll in your College Illinois! Plan today and join the families of over 28,000 students who have already attended college using College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition Plan benefits.

    • We have two kids that are currently in college; one is a freshman at an out-of-state university and the other a sophomore at a private university in Illinois. We feel we made a smart choice and are happy they won’t be burdened with outrageous student loans once they graduate.

      Dr. O Kent Mercado, JD

    • What attracted us to College Illinois! was the opportunity to lock in our daughters' tuition at a variety of quality institutions, along with the option of using our money toward a private university! Without College Illinois!, our daughters would be facing a mountain of debt. To any parents who are considering enrolling in the program, I would highly recommend it.

      Christine Ward and Family

    • We purchased plans for all three of our children about 9 years ago. Our oldest is now attending the University of Illinois. College Illinois! works seamlessly with the U of I system. Once we linked our account to the university, we were done. Tuition and fees are paid. Couldn't be happier with our decision.

      Debi Seligmann