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Your partner in planning for college. How to enroll

Here’s Everything You Need To Get Started

Congratulations on making a great decision. You're ready to purchase your College Illinois! Plan. Simplify the enrollment process by checking out our downloadable checklist to help you gather and prepare the information you'll need to enroll.

The sooner you purchase the more you save

Important information you'll need to complete your application:

  • The Social Security Number for you, your Beneficiary (future student) and your Successor Purchaser*
  • Your Beneficiary’s date of birth
  • Your selections for the type of prepaid tuition plan, the number of semesters you wish to purchase and the payment option you intend to use

*As the Purchaser (owner) of a prepaid tuition plan, you must designate a Successor Purchaser. This person will have access to account information and will take control of the prepaid tuition account in the event of your death.

Enrolling In Your Plan

The secure College Illinois! enrollment portal allows you to enter your information in our online application for enrollment through a step-by-step process to purchase the prepaid tuition plan you've selected. Within the application portal, you can also return to a previously saved application to complete it.

Things to keep in mind as you enroll:

  • No prepaid tuition benefits can be used until three years after the first payment due date.
  • If you need to submit your application at a later date, be sure to save your application so that your information is there when you return. Look for the “Save Application” button at the bottom of each enrollment page.

If you have questions or need assistance at any point, please call our customer service center.

Customer service representatives can be reached at 877-877-3724 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.

Keep in Touch

College Illinois! enrollment kits are not available at this time. To receive more information when it becomes available, click here.

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Call 1.877.877.3724 for customer service.