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Give the Gift of a Lifetime: A College Education

Purchase a Plan or Contribute to an Existing Plan

The latest video game may be a temporary hit, but if you want to give a child the kind of gift that will give them an advantage throughout their lives, consider the gift of education through the College Illinois!® 529 Prepaid Tuition Program. By prepaying for future semesters of college at today’s plan rates, you will know tuition is covered for the schools in the plan that was purchased, no matter how high tuition rates increase by the time the child is ready to attend college. And for the future student, that means they can graduate with less—or even without any—student loan debt. That’s a gift for which they will be forever grateful!

Purchase a Plan

By purchasing a College Illinois! plan, you not only give the gift of a lifetime to a future student, but you gain significant tax benefits as the Account Owner. Parents, grandparents, other relatives, friends--anyone 18 years or older may purchase a plan as long as either the purchaser or the beneficiary is a resident of Illinois. Any future student can have from one to nine semesters prepaid on their behalf and can even be the beneficiary on multiple College Illinois! accounts. There are a variety of plan and payment options to meet your needs. Find out more about College Illinois! plans, how to enroll, and download a customizable gift card for the new beneficiary.

Contribute to an Existing Plan

Anyone can contribute to a child’s College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition plan. Give a lasting gift for the holidays, a birthday, graduation, or any special occasion!

It's simple to contribute to an existing plan:

  • Choose the holiday or occasion from our downloadable customizable gift certificates below. (Just fill out the information online, download and save the form, and print it out.)
  • Fill in the contribution coupon (remember to ask the Account Owner for their College Illinois! Account Number). Or, if the existing plan is paid in full, consider purchasing additional prepaid tuition for the child. Consult the other Account Owner to find out how much has already been purchased.
  • Mail the contribution coupon with your check or money order to the address on the form.
  • Present the gift certificate to the beneficiary.

Please note that College Illinois! cannot share account information with anyone other than the Account Owner. Only the Account Owner may direct or receive withdrawals and retains control over all contributions to the account.

Account Owners: Suggest a Contribution to an Existing Plan

A contribution to your already existing College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition plan is a great suggestion for friends and family looking for gift ideas. You can make it even simpler for those who want to contribute by filling out the account information in the contribution coupon downloadable below, and then sending it along to them to complete the contribution.

Tax Advantages

As a qualified 529 prepaid tuition plan, College Illinois! offers federal and state tax advantages to purchasers of a plan. Benefits used for qualified educational expenses are exempt from state and federal taxes and there’s an Illinois state income tax deduction for contributions up to $10,000 ($20,000 per couple filing jointly). And like other 529 plans, there’s a federal gift-giving tax exemption as well. See more about the tax advantages of purchasing a College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition plan.

A contribution to your already existing plan may also have gift or other tax implications and benefits. Please check with your tax advisor for more information.

Make a Contribution to an Existing Plan: Downloadable Contribution Coupons and Gift Certificates

CI Contribution Form any occasion

CI Contribution Form Christmas

CI Contribution Form Hanukkah

CI Contribution Form Kwanza

CI Contribution Form Birthday

CI Contribution Form New Baby

CI Contribution Form Graduation